The Eighth Iue Asia Pacific Research Prize

- Application Outline -

The Asia Pacific Forum, Awaji Conference Japan, which was inaugurated in 2000 to define a “new Asia Pacific vision” of symbiosis among the diverse cultures of the Asia Pacific region and to create policy proposals to achieve this, established the Iue Asia Pacific Research Prize to acknowledge outstanding dissertations in the field of humanities or social sciences concerning the Asia Pacific region.

Applications for the Eighth Iue Asia Pacific Research Prize are accepted according to the following specifications:

Asia Pacific Forum, Awaji Conference Japan
The Asahi Shimbun
Japanese and / or foreign students who have officially enrolled in a post-graduate course at a Japanese graduate school and have been conferred a doctorate from such institution after March 2006. A letter of recommendation will be required from the advisor of the graduate school.
Theme of the dissertation (hereinafter referred to as "the Paper")
The Paper should detail research in the humanities or social sciences that contributes to the realization of a "multicultural symbiotic society" in the Asia Pacific region.
Application documents
1.Prescribed Letter of Recommendation (can be downloaded from homepage)
2.Supplementary documents (mandatory)

(1) One copy of the Paper (must be in either Japanese or English)
(2) An outline of the Paper (one sheet of A4 paper, any format)
(3) Floppy disk or CD-ROM containing data specified in (1) and (2) (Word or PDF)

※Note that applications may not be accepted where application documents are missing or incomplete. Application forms and documentation will not be returned.
Submission deadline
To be postmarked no later than April 24, 2009 (Friday)
Selection of prizewinners
The Selection Committee will undertake review and selection.
Number of prizewinners and prize details
(1)Number of prizewinners:Two (one Japanese and one eligible foreign student)
(2)Details of prize:Prize certificate and prize money (one million yen)
Announcement of the results of review and selection
(1) The name of the prizewinners will be announced in August 2009 (tentative).
(2) The recommender (supervising professor of graduate school) will be notified of selection results in writing
(3) The outlines of the prizewinning papers will be published in the Annual Report of the Awaji Conference.
Awards ceremony
October 2009 (tentative)
Address for submission of applications and contact details
Secretariat of the Asia Pacific Forum, Awaji Conference Japan
Address: Hitomiraikan 5F, 1-5-2 Wakinohamakaigan-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo,
Japan 651-0073
TEL: +81-(0)78-262-5713
FAX: +81-(0)78-262-5122
E-Mail: Contact Form
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