Outline of The Commendation Program

  • The Asia Pacific Forum, Awaji Conference Japan inaugurated two prizes in 2001 to recognize individuals or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the realization of symbiosis among diverse cultures in the Asia Pacific region; one is The Iue Asia Pacific Culture Prize and the other is The Iue Asia Pacific Research Scholarship Prize. (The Iue Asia Pacific Research Scholarship Prize has changed its name as The Iue Asia Pacific Research Prize since October 2003.)
  • The Iue Asia Pacific Culture Prize was awarded to an individual or organization that was pursuing a cultural or social activity within the Asia Pacific region and had made an outstanding contribution in promoting international exchange and/or regional development. (The Iue Asia Pacific Culture Prize ended in 2009.)
  • The Asia Pacific Research Prize will be awarded to outstanding doctoral dissertations in the humanities or social sciences relating to the Asia Pacific Region, written by Japanese, international students, and others who have completed all the academic requirements for a doctoral degree at a graduate school in Japan.
  • The awardee of the Asia Pacific Research Prize (main Prize) will receive a prize certificate and prize money (one million yen). The application outline of the 23rd Asia Pacific Research Prize is scheduled to be announced in December, 2023. The prize winners will be decided in July and the Awards Ceremony will be held in August, 2024.
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