Keynote Proposal 1

Globalization and Human Exchange

Picture Toshitami Kaihara

Toshitami Kaihara
  • President The Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeMemorial Research Institute

As the world population continues to increase, it is predicted that the population which is currently 6 billion will expand to over 9 billion in the next 50 years.In the course of this change, the Asian region as a whole, led by East Asia, is expected to develop economically. Moreover, while levels will significantly vary by country, the population of this region is expected to grow and age.
As a result, it is predicted that the number of overseas travelers in the Asian region will increase drastically, and at the same time, population mobility among regions is also expected to increase.
These population movements are perhaps seen as natural, mainly from an economic viewpoint. However, politically and culturally, they can bring about significant issues.
However, I believe that in general, people from the Asian region are highly skilled at adapting to life in a foreign country. Establishing international rules regarding population mobility among Asian countries should contribute significantly to maintaining stability in this region.

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