Keynote Proposal 2

"Japan’s strength as an advanced nation with an ageing population: A challenge to build a new model for Japan"

Picture Akira Kojima

Akira Kojima
  • Chairman, Japan Center for Economic Research(JCER)

Peter F. Drucker’s theory on an ageing society of the future is already happening. Policies and business plans will cease to function effectively without a clear understanding of demographics figures.


An ageing society signifies shifts in the economic (market) focus and its demand structure, wherein it is critical for corporations to aggressively address the issues involved.


Lessons learned from Japan’s history of turning constraints into renewed growth (pollution, oil crises, etc.,).


The conditions for a healthy life expectancy and an ageless society in addition to the social (nation), corporate and individual mindsets.


The overall low birth rate in Asia along with the emergence of an ageing society. In 25 years time, the graying of China’s population will accelerate drastically. However, there is a scenario that takes advantage of the difference in peak times reached by the ageing populations in China and Japan. Room for resolving low birth rate and ageing population amidst global recession (New Growth Strategy).


Economic growth rate = Growth rate of capital investments(K) + growth rate of labor input(L)+ growth rate of total productivity(P)

The key lies in productivity (P), innovation, and the utilization of direct inward investment and global resources (capital, human resources).

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