Keynote Proposal 1

"Viewpoint toward energy and environmental problems: Energy policies toward the establishment of sustainable society"

Picture Yoshihide Esaki

Yoshihide Esaki
  • Director for Energy Policy Planning Office, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

Recently, due to rapidly growing energy demand in the Asian countries such as China and India as well as lowering supply capacity and rising nationalism in resources exporting countries, balance between energy supply and demand is getting quite tight. To tackle with global environmental problems that are our common issues, every major emitter of greenhouse gases is required to work together to start serious actions. For establishing the sustainable society under the circumstances, I would like to talk what energy policies Japan should provide and what messages we should deliver to other countries. In particular, I would like to emphasize the importance of energy technologies to solve a variety of challenges we face and examine the meanings of environmental problems in the energy policies.

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