Keynote Proposal 2

"Commitment to new energy : Expected role of new energy sources such as photovoltaic power generation on the sustainable development"

Picture Yukinori Kuwano

Yukinori Kuwano
  • President, Hyogo Earthquake Memorial 21st Century Research Institute

In a growing world economy, environmental problems are becoming serious. After entering the 21st Century, world economy has been growing more and more, especially in the Asian region. Development of economy and more improved quality of life require a lot of energy, resulting that fossil fuels which play the major roles as energy sources have skyrocketed in price and consumption of the fuels has caused serious environmental problems.


New energy is the ace for solution
As one of solutions of the environmental problems, new energy starts to garner attention. Photovoltaic power generation technology is expected to play an important role, particularly in Asian region.


Current status and possibility of rapidly spreading photovoltaic power generation Improvement of performance of solar cells and the subsequent cost reduction are remarkable. Relevant countries are developing new applications and implementing the policies for the use of photovoltaic power.


World photovoltaic power generation system "GENESIS project"
Photovoltaic power generation can solve energy issues and global environmental problems. If solar cells are installed in 4% of the deserts in the world, it can supply energy for the whole world. I would like to introduce the global "GENESIS project", the energy system composed of large-scaled photovoltaic power generation and superconductivity cable.

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