Invitation to the International Forum of the 24th Asia Pacific Forum, Awaji Conference Japan *This forum has finished.

Theme: SDGs and Social Transformation

The Asia Pacific Forum, Awaji Conference Japan (“Awaji Conference”) has promoted intellectual and cultural exchanges, with the aim of creating a new framework for Asia Pacific civilization suitable for the 21st century that enables symbiosis among the diverse cultures of the Asia-Pacific region, which boasts a diversity of nations, ethnicities, religions and culture, with the diversity serving as a source of vitality and creativity.

In this 24th Awaji Conference, focusing on key international issues such as gender, green energy, and decarbonized society, we will explore the ideals for the Asia-Pacific region in the post-pandemic era and provide direction in which Japan can move forward.

The conference will be streamed live on the web. If you wish to view the conference online, please complete and send the application form below.

Date and Time
August 4 (Fri), 2023
 10:30-12:40 Commemorative Lectures
 13:50-15:20 Keynote Proposals
Live streaming from Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center
Program here(PDF:3.303MB)
Commemorative Lecture 1 (11:00-11:50)
“Japan’s Important International Role in Using the 17 SDGs to Stop Cold War 2.0 and Global Warming”
Speaker: Wing Thye Woo
(Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of California Davis / Vice-President for Asia, Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN))

Commemorative Lecture 2 (11:50-12:40)
“How to Promote Women's Role in Science and Medicine”
Speaker: Emiko Usui
(Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University)

Keynote Proposals (13:50-15:20)
1. Green New Deal That Achieves Compatibility between the Environment and the EconomyHandout of the Proposal 1(PDF:672KB)
Speaker: Jusen Asuka (Professor, Center for Northeast Asian Studies and Graduate School of Environmental Science, Tohoku University)

2. Academia and Gender -Extracting Current Issues in the Fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Speaker: Kumie Inose (Professor, Faculty of Letters, Konan University)

3. Where China’s EV Shift Is Today
Speaker: Jin Tang (Visiting Professor, Shanghai University of Engineering Science / Part-time Instructor, Chuo University)

The 22nd dissertation abstracts(PDF:578KB) The winners of the Asia Pacific Research Prize, which rewards dissertations in the field of humanities or social science relating to the Asia Pacific region, will also be introduced on the day.
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