Annual Report 2022

Asia Pacific Forum, Awaji Conference Japan 2022

Asia Pacific Forum, Awaji Conference Japan 2022 Cover
  • International Symposium
    Commemorative Lectures
    ◆Commemorative Lecture1
    "Problems Posed to Us by the Ukrainian Crisis"
    Speaker:Yoichi Funabashi (Chairman, Global Council, The International House of Japan, Inc. / Former Editor-in-Chief, Asahi Shimbun)
    ◆Commemorative Lecture2
    "COVID-19 Pandemic : Lessons Learned From the Field in Japan and the Perspective From the Global Community"
    Speaker:Tomimasa Sunagawa (Director, Center for Field Epidemic Intelligence, Research and Professional Development, National Institute of Infectious Diseases)
    ◆Commemorative Lecture3
    "The World in Turmoil and the Future of the Asian Economy"
    Speaker:Yasuyuki Sawada (Professor, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo/ Former Chief Economist, Asian Development Bank)
  • Awards Ceremony for the 21st Asia Pacific Research Prize
    Introduction of the 19th and 20th Asia Pacific Research Prize Winners
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