Abstract of the Forum (August 9th, 2000)

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  • Date
  • August 9th 2000 (Wed)14:30 - 17:40
  • Venue
  • the Westin Awaji Island (Yumebutai 2, Higashiura-cho, Tsuna-gun, Hyogo)
  • Program
  • (1)Keynote Proposal 1(14:35 - 15:05)
    • "The Prospects of Asian Civilization"
    • Masakazu Yamazaki
    • Dramatist / President, University of East Asia / Professor Emeritus, Osaka University
  • (2)Keynote Proposal 2(15:05 - 15:35)
    • "Globalization and the Asian Economy"
    • Jiro Ushio
    • Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ushio Inc.
  • (3)Discussion(15:55 - 17:40)

The Asia Pacific Forum, Awaji Conference Japan (Awaji Conference), which develops a new vision for the 21st century civilization and the Asia Pacific civilization, toward the realization of a "symbiotic multi-cultured society," was established on 9 (Wed) August 2000 under the slogan of a "symbiotic multi-cultural society." On the same day a forum was held in the Westin Awaji Island in which 37 members participated.

Prior to the discussion at the forum, dramatist Mr. Masakazu Yamazaki and Chairman & CEO Jiro Ushio of USHIO Inc. both delivered keynote addresses under their respective themes of "The Prospects of Asian Civilization" and "Globalization and the Asian Economy."

In his keynote address, Mr. Yamazaki proposed that although exchange in Asia was proceeding at a pop culture level, there exists a need in Japan to cultivate talented human resources in Asia through the interests and perceptibility of the Japanese people as a whole by such means as providing dynamic fora to demonstrate their excellent abilities. Furthermore, in his keynote address, Chairman Ushio expressed the opinion that the speed of globalization was accelerated due to the development of information technology (IT) and that at the dawn of the 21st century, Japan should adopt a new perception different from those of the past, namely, of being a world leader.

The forum was brought to a close after a lively discussion lasting three hours, centering on the agenda, opinions and other issues raised in the keynote addresses, was developed by the coordinators Professor Makoto Iokibe of the Graduate School of Law, Kobe University and Deputy Director-General Keiko Nakamura of the JT Biohistory Research Hall.

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