Annual Report 2018

Asia Pacific Forum, Awaji Conference Japan 2018

Asia Pacific Forum, Awaji Conference Japan 2018 Cover
  • Awaji Conference Statement
  • International Symposium
    Commemorative Lectures
    "Suggestions for Increasing the Appeal of Cities in Japan"
    Speaker:David Atkinson (President,Konishi Decorative Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.)
    Panel Discussion
    "What is Growth Strategy for Cities to Have International Compertitiveness?"
    Coordinator:Shigeyuki Abe(Advisor,Hyogo Earthquake Memorial 21st Century Research Institute)
     Shuhei Ishimaru(Director General,Fukuoka Directive Council)
     Naomi Koshi(Mayor of Otsu City)
     Masayuki Sasaki(Distinguished Professor,Faculty of Economics,Doshisha University/ Senior Researcher,Headquarters for Vitalizing Regional Cultures,Agency for Cultural Affairs)
  • Forum
  • Awards Ceremony of the 17th Asia Pacific Research Prize (Iue Prize)
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